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The Rules (Read!) Empty The Rules (Read!)

Post by Xaale on Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:05 pm

Hello, I'm Xaale, the owner of this site.

With a site comes restrictions and rules, so here we go.

1) Only ONE account per user. If we find you have another account that account will be permabanned and your old one banned for two weeks.

2) No offensive comments. Treat others how you would treat them. Don't make negative comments about race, sex, age, intrests, etc. You will get a warning and if it continues you will be banned [for a certain amount of time depending on the comments]

3) No offensive pictures. This includes porn, nudity, gruesome violence, etc. Blood is okay in pics, but if it is too graphic for some of the younger members then don't post it. Nudity may be an art, but not here. Cover up what needs to be covered. Porn is a big no-no. All of these can get you banned (the porn/nudity worse then the violence)

4) Don't spam. Stay on topic, unless you are in the spam zone. Then you can get off topic, but only then. Also, try to use proper English instead of text talk.

5) No Double Posting. This is considered spam, and it is an annoyance to other members.

6) Do not fight. You are allowed to argue your opinion in a civilized manner, this means no personal insults and no bashing other’s opinions, no matter how much you disagree with it. If you do break this rule, you will either be placed on the black list or receive an immediate warning, depending on how bad your post was. Your post(s) may also be edited. If a debate is getting too heated, a staff member may tell you to cool it down, if this warning is not followed, you will be put onto the warning list. Insulting private messages are also not allowed. If you receive one, you can forward it to a member of staff and they will deal with it.

7) Advertising is allowed but only to a degree. If you have a site, you can put it in your sig or so on, or send some private messages or comments on someones page. Don't overdo it, or a staff may have to deal with it. NO ADVERTISING MATURE SITES! That includes illegal downloads, porn, dating sites, ect. You will be given a tempban.

8 ) No sexual content beyond hugging and kissing. Do remember that this is a PG website and that younger members can see your posts. Girls wearing bikinis are fine, as long as it covers up what needs to be covered. This rules includes: graphics, posts, photographs, videos, fiction, links to pornographic websites and drawings. If your post is overly perverted, you will be black-listed and if it’s really sexual, to a vulgar level, you would receive a warning. Your post(s) will, of course, be edited.

9) Swearing is allowed to a point. If staff see you swearing more often than what would be deemed acceptable, you could be put on the black-list. It is also asked that, if you are going to swear, do not bold/brighten/increase the size of the words. It doesn’t make you look good and it doesn’t make the site look good.

10) Don’t do the staff’s jobs for them. Private message them with a problem you have with a thread, don't post in it to just show that you can be a mod and have the topic bumped up while doing so and add to your post count. We do encourage members to try to keep the forum clean, but don't be a part of the problem in the process. If the staff decide you're a good member qualifying for a mod, they will decide whether or not you‘re fit for the job. This doesn't mean to harass them by asking them to sort out threads that are dead. Threads that are active and need to be closed are the ones to look for.

11) Look for threads that have already been made before you create your own. If they have, please post in them, this helps to prevent clutter and will stop repeat threads from being made. Although, if the thread in question hasn’t been posted in for a long while, make sure that your post is valid and actually contributes to the forum. If you wish to bump a thread -which wasn't created by you - that you were the last poster in, you may bump the thread. Once the thread has gained more attention, you will also be expected to delete your post and edit anything new into your previous post.

12) You can have up to three graphics in your sig. Any more, and one will be removed. Only 1 GIF per sig because of complaints of freezing and slowing down. File sizes over 500kb will be removed.

13) No changing your username without permission. Haseo you're off the hook because you did it before I added this xDD It will get too confusing.

PM a staff with any questions~

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