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Post by advent_of_apocalypse on Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:10 pm

Kinda winging it with an idea that popped into my head, but whatever... So yea. Here we go.



The click of a pen hitting against cheap plastic was muffled by the teenage chaos.

"God damn it..." Gio muttered, as he reached down to the disgustingly unkempt floor on the crowded bus. After about half a minute of fruitless searching, he sat back up and let out a heavy sigh. He picked up the piece of paper he had been writing on.

Jess, I can't tell you enough that going to this godforsaken school was far from my idea. Somehow, I hate my parents now more than ever. I realize that this was rather abrupt; I'm just as shocked as you are at this point. We may not see each other fo

The rest was cutoff by a large dash of ink, almost hitting the top of the piece of lined paper. He sighed again, "Throw me a bone, please. Just this once, if never again."

A head popped up from the seat in front of him and turned around, his green eyes in a somewhat blank stare. "Hey, this yours?" he asked, extending his hand down, over the seat with Gio's pen in hand. He took the pen and looked out the window, "Thanks." Gio said curtly under his breath, turning his red eyes briefly to the boy in front of him, the boy's image somewhat interrupted by his black hair that was sloppily covering his eyes and obstructing his vision. His message just barely reached the other boy's ears. Gio moved his hand up his face and pushed back his hair in an attempt to make it neater.

The other boy kept staring for a few seconds, seemingly unaware of the surrounding chaotic storm of yelling and awkward jerking motion. Finally he extended his arm again for a handshake. "My name's Jacob. Jacob Prower." Gio turned his head completely to him, and after a few moments shook his hand, "Gio."

Jacob kept his head turned, making his ear stand out, looking as if he was waiting for Gio to finish his sentence. "Surely you have a last name, eh?"

"I'd rather not say for now. You'll know soon enough, but I'd like to remain myself for as long as I can before I become a replica of my relatives."

Jacob gave him a look of utter confusion.

"You could say my family has a history in the whole casting field. You'll see."

"Sooner than you think." he said in a somewhat contradictory tone. The bus was slowly approaching a stop as it pulled up to the modestly sized academy. It was about the size of an average college, and had as much prestige as any ivy league school.

Gio took a pamphlet out of his pocket. On the cover was a highly exaggerated picture of the Academy's campus. He held it up a few inches in front of him to compare it to the real thing, and was unsurprisingly correct in his assumptions that the Academy couldn't live up to its promises. He didn't question whether or not it would be as rewarding an experience as the pamphlet made it out to be; experience had made him sure of what was to come.

The bus finally reached a stop, and the driver, showing little life, pulled and pushed the mechanism that opened the door. Quickly the empty space was again occupied by bustling teens.

Most of the students present had practiced for years for a chance to be accepted into the Academy, formally know as Slate Academy, but usually simply referred to as the Academy because of its status as the most prestigious casting school in the country. However, Gio lacked the enthusiasm of his soon-to-be classmates.

As Gio casually pushed off the seat and began to leave the bus, he noticed that everyone except Jacob had already exited. Jacob was about to descend the short staircase, however, as he saw Gio still on the bus, he paused mid-step and signaled friendlily for him to hurry up. Without any signs of a lift in spirits, he obeyed and headed to the door at a faster pace.

As the two stepped out into the brisk winter air, Jacob quickly threw his arms up to the sky and stretched conspicuously. As he was finishing his stretch he said, "So, where ya from, Gee?"

It took a moment for that to register in Gio's mind. No one had ever called him Gee, and he found it to be frankly ridiculous. "Betlen."

Jacob looked slightly shocked, "Oh wow. Well that does make sense since you were with that bunch of people who boarded the bus from the airport. Have you felt homesick?"

"I guess you could say that." he said, examining the atrocious note again. Jacob looked over at the piece of paper that Gio was lost in.

"Jess?" Gio almost jumped as his eyes darted off the paper and into Jacob's stare. "Who's that? Your sister?" he continued, as if nothing had just happened.

Gio regained his composure, "Nah... she's a friend of mine-"

A boy a few years older than them approached, wearing a dark blue suit and pants that several others seemed to be wearing. He raised his hand nonchalantly and an obnoxious sound echoed through the parking lot. Gio and Jacob covered their ears in agony, Jacob being more animated about it to say the least.

The older boy put down his hand and the noise stopped instantly. "New admissions, please follow the seniors to the auditorium for freshman orientation."

The two walked ahead of the older boy, who was presumably a senior, and headed with the rest of the group to the auditorium. After two hours of rules and regulations, it was finally time to be called to the front of the auditorium to obtain student ID's.

"This ID must remain on your person at all times." the dean explained, "Your basic personal information is on the front side, while your dorm arrangements are on the backside."

As the dean read off names from the list slowly, Gio dreaded the sow approach of his name.

"Jacob Prower."

Jacob got out of his seat, next to Gio, and approached the dean's podium, trying futilely to hide a childish smirk. He walked back rather quickly to his seat. His subtlety was questionable at best.

The dean read names for a few more minutes, which seemed to drag along at a slug's pace to Gio.

Finally, the dean read off, "Gio Synder."

All noise and side talk in the room instantly ceased as every pupil dilated in disbelief, and every eye shifted to focus on Gio. His face revealed nothing, but his heart showed all as it pounded frantically with rage. He calmly stood up and approached the podium, took his ID, shook the dean's hand, and didn't show any signs of hostility. In an equally calm manner, he sat back down and shoved the ID violently but inconspicuously into his pocket.

In an attempt to regain order, the dean continued to read off names as if the Gio had just been any other freshman.

"So," Jacob whispered quite noticeably, "is that why you didn't want to tell me your name? Because your father is-"

"Delano. Yes. Delano Synder."

"Oh wow, that's amazing! Then again, it makes sense, you must be a prodigy or something! Seeing as Synder is your dad and stuff-"

Gio punched Jacob in the arm, making sure no one saw.

"Ouch! Jeez, you're welcome! What was that for, Gee?"

Gio said nothing and waited for the rest of the freshmen to be called to the podium. After a quick final words and a cliche welcome, the freshman class mobbed out of the auditorium to check dorm arrangements with their new friends. Gio and Jacob passed through the mob with relative ease and managed to reach the outside.

Gio took out out his ID and examined the backside to see where he would be dorming. Jacob promptly snatched it out of his hands and compared it to his. "Hey, we're on the same hall, Gee! We'll be like neighbors! Maybe I can cheat off you since your Synder's-"

Jacob quickly looked towards Gio and noticed he wasn't amused. "Oh, right. Sorry, Gee, I'm just kind of... impressed. I mean, you're kind of a celebrity. Your dad's a national hero!"

"I realize my father is talented at what he does and that he's the top-ranked general in the army. People don't need to keep reminding me everywhere I go."

And without so much as looking back, Gio headed towards his dorm. Jacob followed closely behind.

"So, Gee, if you don't mind my asking, why are you so glum? Be happy, man! Graduate from the Academy, and you can go anywhere or do anything involving casting!"

"When did I say I wanted to cast?"

Jacob stopped walking momentarily to think over what he just heard. Gio stopped and waited for him.

"You coming? Or should I just go?"

Jacob scratched his head, and jogged up to Gio, "Yea, let's go."

The frigid, almost arctic breeze chilled the two of them to the bone as the crimson sun made contact with the horizon. Gio looked back momentarily at the bus in the far distance. It stood dormant on the far side of the parking lot; it clearly wouldn't be moving any time soon. Gio softly sighed.

"So tomorrow's the first day of classes?" Gio asked curiously.

"Yea, most of which involve casting."

"I figured that much out." Gio replied, sounding exhausted already. He opened the door to the dorm and as he stepped in, held it for Jacob.


"Peterson! Bring this tray down to D-Block, stat!"

Peterson, having fifteen minutes left of his night shift remaining, was in little mood to do anything. Picking up the tray, he turned left from the office and walked down a long corridor. Looking to his right, he stopped. The tray hit the floor with a loud clank.


Okay, so there's chapter one. Any criticism is deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Post by Obsessed on Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:08 pm

I almost had a heart attack at first because I know somebody called Gio xD

Hmm, not sure what to say really @-@
Its very well written, and easy to read.. but meh, the story doesnt seem to be going anywhere. I know its only chapter one, but something significant should have happened to grab the readers attention.

It was kind of a wtf ending again, you should have said something after "the tray hit the floor with a loud clank", something like-

"The tray hit the floor with a loud clank. Peterson had just seen the most terrifying sight of his life."

It would just make more sense really xD

Also, you dont explain who Gio's father is D:
Too much dialogue towards the end.

It was nice that you randomly wrote this though ~
Im glad when people do <3


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