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Post by Xaale on Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:06 pm

1. All mods/admins are expected to follow the main rules laid out. There's no exceptions to this rule, and they are under the same terms as a member is under this except they will be removed from power. If it's severe enough, they'll be under the same terms.

2. No abuse of power. This includes stickying threads that shouldn't be stickied for personal reasons. Deleting posts you don't like and closing topics because you want to. For admins, this goes also into members accounts. Don't edit a signature/avatar/name unless if you have to. If you do so otherwise, it will go from a warning to probation, depending on how severe it is.

3. Handle matters personally. Don't edit a post unless if you have to, meaning inappropriate content. You know what to do now with the original content. SPAM DOESN'T COUNT!!! Give a chance for a member to edit it himself/herself if you tell them to. Same for double-posting and the like.

4. Respect amongst members/moderators/admins is a must. You have powers, this doesn't make you any better than the members on treatment between each other. Use your powers and don't flaunt them around abusing members/mods/admins with them. That includes insults and the like, also bossing around members/mods/admins.

The warning system applies to mods/admins like it does members. Probation is also there where you can have one chance to clean up your act before you're stripped of your powers.

PM me with any questions/concerns.

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