The Broken Glass

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The Broken Glass Empty The Broken Glass

Post by demonchick25 on Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:56 pm

This is the story for one of my OCs

I'm giving this story a PG-13 rating. it might be somewhat disturbing to some people just a warning

The Broken Glass

It was dark, all the lights were out and the sky was hidden behind thick clouds. Lightning struck, revealing sixteen bodies sprawled allover the floor. Among them were eleven males and five females. Three of the males were children, the oldest no more than ten-years-old. With the boom of thunder one of the children started to move. He appeared to be the youngest, he could not be older than four-years-old.

With another flash of lightning the gold and silver color of his hair could be seen, his pale skin was almost completely covered in blood. The stunning blue color of his eyes, which shone with the smallest amount of light, had become dull and lifeless. When the next boom of thunder came, the boy stiffened. Another flash of light. In the time he was able to see the boy looked around. Pure terror filled him as he took in the scene around him. He crawled to his mother’s side.

“Mamma? Mamma!?” he asked alarmed, shaking her shoulders. He got no response. Tears started to fill his eyes as the door was slammed open.

The intruders’ flashlights blinded the boy. One man made his way over to the boy, being careful not to step on the bodies. He grabbed the boy’s arm.

“Did you do this!?” His voice was deep and rough, almost like the growl of an animal. All the boy could do was cringe back in fear. The man had taken his response as a ‘yes’. Without another word he dragged the boy out into the pouring rain. The boy screamed in protest.

After five minuets of a fuss, they got the boy into the van. He was then knocked out to keep him quite. The men proceeded to drive away.

The boy woke not too long later. The back of the van was filled with people. Many were large men. They all looked as if they had been taken out of nowhere. The boy became afraid and curled himself into a ball in the corner. He started to cry, he had no idea what was going on. At that moment the van came to an abrupt stop.

Everyone was herded into a large stone structure. Inside it was dark and cold. The walls were bare and the windows were tall, but thin. The stone walls and floor were grey, nothing really to look at. It seemed to be an old style type of place, much like most of the places in the area.

They were walked one at a time into the next room. Screams could be clearly heard after each one went in. The boy was next in line. He shook with fear as he entered the dimly lit room. The light came from a small fire. There were rods with their ends stuck in the flames.

The boy was forced onto a bench, face-down. The worker took one of the rods form the fire and burned the numbers ‘4131’ into the boy’s back. The boy let out a loud, ear splitting scream.

“You are number 4131. Remember that, it’s who you are now!” the worker said. Tears flowed from his eyes as he was forced into the next room. The men ahead of him seemed to feel sorry for the poor boy.

After he was done in all the rooms the sun had started to come up. The boy, now known as 4131, had a collar placed around his neck, his hands cuffed, and was changed into a pair of grey sweatpants.

He was now sitting in a small cell by himself. His eyes were dead as he lay on his side on the cot in the corner. He had given up on crying. He was sure he’d spend the rest of his life here.

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The Broken Glass Empty Re: The Broken Glass

Post by Heartless_Vice on Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:54 am

Very dark. I give it a eight out of ten. It did leave me thirsting for more story though.

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