My names origin story (the name changes too much)

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My names origin story (the name changes too much) Empty My names origin story (the name changes too much)

Post by Fayt-Harkwind on Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:10 pm

Ok so i've had this story in my mind for about two maybe three years so I wrote up a bit of it about a year ago and it was ok for a rough draft so I made another that had alot of different stuffs anywho i'm gonna post the prolouge (or whatever) and ifs ya likes that i might post a chapter or two (since i've only done two and a half XD). Also this stuffs copyrighted just incase since this was actually originaly something my friends and I made as a comic but it failled and I took the story and my character and turned it into this.

Ya gotta love the cheese openings


The mortal realm is the mid-plane of a Dimension on which there are 3 levels: the first being the mortal realm a world called Nivalia, the second being the heavens a world above where eternal guardians live and finally the last being the Demon realm a world six times larger than Nivalia and home to monsters.

A war began 17 years ago when one of the 9 grand angels vanished and a small boy appeared. The mortal realm was infested with beasts formed from the clash of magic between the demons and the angels. Suddenly, the demons grew in strength and number and the angels where losing. Seven angels formed a group known through the demon realm as the Seven Heaven. The war was at a deadlock until…

My names origin story (the name changes too much) KGS2

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